Obamacare web site: Fix it now

It’s apparently no one’s fault that the website built to register applicants for the Obama administration’s new health insurance plan has thus far been an enormous failure.

That’s the impression we get after listening to executives who testified before Congress on Thursday, where one after another passed the buck on taking responsibility for the site’s failure. The contractors all said they tested their individual components, but that the Health and Human Services department was responsible for testing the entire system. That testing, experts said, should have taken place months before the site went live, which would have left time to fix problems. Instead, they said, the collective system was tested only a couple weeks before the site went live.

We all know what happened when the site went live Oct. 1. It was quickly overwhelmed and crashed, and major problems persist, although the contractors did say Thursday that problems are being identified and fixed every day.

Thursday’s hearing turned into partisan bickering (surprise!) over the entire Obamacare issue. Fine. Decide who’s at fault, namely those in charge of the Health and Human Services department, and then move on to how the problems are going to be resolved. If Obamacare is to continue to be the law of land as the president insists, then those who are required to use the site to enroll have the right to demand that it actually works.