Supporting school bond

Orlin W. Backes, Minot

One of the most important priorities for a proud, progressive and great community is for its citizens to provide a good education system. This includes the public and private schools as well as the university. The Minot Public School system has fallen behind in its proud tradition because of lack of school facilities to handle the increased enrollment of more than 1,100 students in the past 10 years, and its inability to financially upgrade and modernize the older school buildings with today’s education needs.

It is a disappointment that more than 450 of our children and grandchildren get their education in 24 portable classrooms with no bathrooms and with separation from the school they attend.

When I was the mayor of the city of Minot, many families told me that they moved to Minot because of our excellent schools. This excellent school system cannot continue without improved public school facilities.

A good education makes a great community and that is why I strongly support the school bond issue to provide for the education, safety and security of the students attending all Minot Public Schools.