Burlington to move forward with levee

BURLINGTON In a meeting coming in at a bit shorter than one minute, the Ward County Water Resource Board voted unanimously Wednesday to approve the City of Burlington to move forward with the permitting process to build a new interim, emergency levee to protect the city from the Des Lacs River.

An interim levee was already constructed there by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the new levee will follow a bit of the path of the original to the north of the Burlington Sports Complex.

“The Dike can be used as a basis for emergency flood fighting efforts and to prevent a breakout behind the (Corps) levee,” is written as a part of the comments section on the copy of the permit application.

The proposed interim levee will tie into a section of the current Corps levee at a point north of River Road and to the east of the sports complex. From there it will take a straighter path northwest across the north of the sports complex, and then wind south to the northeast point of Valley Avenue where it meets the sports complex.

The existing levee will remain to the east of the proposed levee, while the existing levee to the west of there will be removed in favor of the new one.

Satellite imagery of the area of Burlington to be affected points out seven structures acquired by Ward County. Five of those structures, to the northeast of the sports complex and in the path of the proposed levee, have already been demolished according to notation on the permit, while the remaining two are listed to be demolished.