God’s irony ­- the hidden person

Our church is rather hidden away. We rent from another church. We have no Walmart-size signs. If you were not given directions, you would not naturally find us. The irony is that God continues to make us stronger as we are living in his Word. The same is true for so many churches across this land. Perhaps yours as well.

But isn’t that just so God? Remember David? Shepherd boy, barely a man, out in the field with sheep. Hidden. Yet, God finds him and makes him stronger, kills lions and bears, topples Goliath. He wins many wars, eventually bringing Israel out of the worst time in their history following the time of the Judges. That’s not a bad resume.

God did this with many. God does this today: In your church, in you. You don’t need a big name or a well-known lineage. Remain hidden in Christ and he will make you stronger and do unbelievable things through you.

I think of the disaster of our nation’s debt and government push away from our founding faith and toward more socialistic disaster. It seems as though things will only get worse, now that we can even be flat out lied to by our leaders on things like healthcare.

It is easy to look to the big names and power players to save us. I believe, God, like he has always done, will seek out the hidden people who are trusting in the Lord to save us, people who are ready to follow him, to fight for what is right. Then we know that it is truly the Lord who saves us from trial of any kind, whether in our nation, our church, or our personal lives.

Remain hidden in God. That is his great irony. God bless and come find us!

Pastor Jeff Hoverson is pastor of Living Word Lutheran Church in Minot.