Man charged with 16 felonies to remain in jail

A hearing held Wednesday afternoon for Jason John Delker, 27, Minot, to review and reduce his bond resulted in denial by Northwest District Judge Todd Cresap. Delker, who is currently charged with 16 felonies and one misdemeanor, will remain in the Ward County Jail without bond.

Delker was originally charged with eight felonies, all drug-related except for a prohibited possession of a firearm charge, and a Class A misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia on July 10.

According to a police affidavit, when he was arrested by a Ward County Sheriff’s Deputy that day for an outstanding warrant, methamphetamine was found on him. He was on supervised probation at that time. His probation officer gave permission for his house to be searched and allegedly a plastic bag with marijuana and paraphernalia was found in his office.

In his car and the rest of his home officers allegedly found other paraphernalia items, a pistol and loaded magazine, a box of vials contating “various schedule II, III, IV pills,” digital scales, and “an iPad with pay/owe notes logged along with a customer list, multiple variations of ammunition and several vials of unknown substance.”

When tested, Delker was positive for methamphetamine use.

A shop operated by Delker was also said to contain paraphernalia and drugs.

An amended bail order on those original charges was filed July 23 for $45,000 cash or corporate surety, with conditions to submit to urinalysis testing two times a week or to wear a drug patch and to meet with his probation officer “face to face” within four hours of release.

After posting bail, he was picked up again on Oct. 10 when a vehicle he was a passenger in was pulled over because an attached trailer did not have a license plate. The vehicle had left a “known drug house” in southwest Minot.

The driver of the vehicle allegedly gave consent to search the pickup, and Delker’s probation officer gave permission for police to search Delker’s person and cell phone.

Allegedly found in a backpack associated with Delker was 970 perscription pills, including more than 300 oxycodone pills, more than 200 Alprazolum pills and more than 100 hydrocodone pills.

For that bust he was charged with an additional eight felonies.

His bond was revoked by Northwest District judge William McLees on Oct. 13.