Court office moving upward

Project manager Glenn Moen, of Minot-based Mattson Construction Co., says that construction on the new Ward County office building is progressing on schedule and that everything is “routine,” with no hiccups to report.

Motorists driving down Third Avenue Southeast may have noticed a concrete wall has sprouted out of the excavated dirt behind the chain-link fence of the site next to Minot Fire Department’s Station 2. That’s because half of the building project has been excavated and workers are now pouring the walls for the north portion of the building.

“We are working on concrete foundations for the building right now,” Moen said.

Rebar can be seen standing up in front of the poured wall, which will be used for the wall forms and moved to the next wall section to be poured. Moen hopes to have the north wing’s walls poured before full-blown winter weather sets in. That will cut down on the wind effect somewhat and make the work, which will continue through the winter, somewhat more bearable.

“When it gets extremely cold, we stop,” Moen said. “But, no, we work through the winter.”

Construction of those walls is being sequenced with the movement of certain utilities.

Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. has already moved a gas line away from the project and has replotted a section of land northeast of the project site for their services.

As for what remains of semi-decent weather this year, Moen said that they hope to “continue with foundations and water proofing and backfilling.”

The backfilling will be done with the mound of dirt in the Canadian Pacific parking lot leased by the county next to the East Burdick Expressway and Valley Street intersection. The company has been collecting dirt there throughout excavation.

Moen said that excavation won’t begin on the south wing, or the wing closest to the Ward County Courthouse, until next spring because the cold weather of winter will make the ground too firm to work on.

The north wing may have been the wing to start on, though, because the south wing of the building’s internal wall will be rounded and it takes more time to pour a rounded wall than it does to pour a straight wall.

“Right now we’re just pouring foundations, it’s kind of routine,” Moen said of the project.