Voting ‘no’ for survival

Dan Griffith, Minot

The school board has released what the proposed taxes would be on a $200,000 market value home through 2017, which amounts to $138.10 per month starting in 2017 (or $1,657.20 a year). This figure is only an estimate which is understandable but this estimate assumes that the state will provide property tax relief through the 20 years. If this does not happen, it will amount to an additional $534, for a total of $2,011.20 for one year. This is not even considering what the county/city and park board are going to ask for in the future, which will add even more to the tax burden.

Consider that during this period of time you will have to increase the number of teachers and associated personnel to run the new schools, which will increase the budget. Plus, the current teachers will want raises when contract time comes again. This is all based on estimates and how often have they been right? I was happy to see that the school board would gradually increase taxes over five years but it is still an increase, and who is left hold the bag? We are.

I think it’s time for some people to come back to earth and realize the very real effects this proposal will have on the hard-working citizens of Minot who are still reeling financially from the flood and other recent events. With talk of flood insurance costs increasing to new highs and uncertainty of how the new health care law will affect us, this tax increase could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I know there are real needs, but this burden is just too great for a good portion of Minot’s population who have mortgages or own their homes, but are retired or on fixed incomes. A “no” vote is survival for some folks.