Admitted 4 p.m. Thursday through 4 p.m. Friday: Charlotte McCahan, Minot.

Discharged 4 p.m. Thursday through 4 p.m. Friday: Emily Keller and son, Charlotte McCahan, Diane Thompson, Irene Schoenwald, infant son of Bobbie Allery and William Standish Jr., infant daughter of Bonnie and Reginald Athouriste, infant son of Angila Wilder and Christopher Jackson, infant son of Sara and Timothy Hanson, and infant son of Christina and Micah Botteicher, all Minot; Kayla Wolfe, Bottineau; infant daughter of Tiffany Morin and Lyle Belgarde Jr., Belcourt; infant daughter of Shauna St. Claire and Cole Hall, Belcourt; and infant son of Sarah and Lucas Foster, Minot Air Force Base.