Navy’s welcome addition

In a few months, the USS North Dakota will be operating in the seas of the world after the $2.6 billion attack submarine was christened last week.

The sub’s christening coincided with the 124th anniversary of North Dakota becoming the 39th state of the union. The submarine will officially join the Navy fleet when it is commissioned in?May.

The sub, the first vessel to carry the North Dakota in nearly a century, can launch cruise missiles, deliver special force commandos and carry out surveillance over land and sea. It will carry a crew of 138, with the senior enlisted sailor, Master Chief Petty Officer Tim Preabt, the only crew member from North Dakota.

The USS?North Dakota will be the 11th in the Virginia class of subs, which are built to perform better in shallow water than other subs. Officials at the christening said the sub will operate “from the Arabian Sea to the polarized cap.”

We have no doubt the USS?North Dakota will be a great addition to the Navy, and will help the nation’s armed forces protect the country and its interests around the world.