Solving water problems

The city of Minot appears to be having success in clearing up water quality issues in two neighborhoods in the city’s flooded valley.

After residents complained of discolored and foul-smelling water, the city began a short-term program of flushing water lines. The plan included raising the chlorine content, adding fresh water and flushing from the affected neighborhood pipelines. It appears to be working.

Residents contacted this week reported that the quality of their water has improved. A?resident of the Green Valley addition said her water has gotten better as long as the city continues to flush lines in the neighborhood, and other residents of northwest Minot said their water quality is better.

City officials said they will continue to monitor the siutation, and would resume the flushing program if a need arises.

That’s good to know, because citizens have the right to expect clean, drinkable water from the city. We certainly realize there have been and will likely continue to be issues that arise relating to the 2011 Souris River flood, but citizens must have confidence that should any further water quality problems surface, the city will take care of them.