Supporting school bond

Wally Hankla, Minot

Our city has a big decision to make on Dec. 10. Do we support our local schools by voting ‘yes’ and building new, much-needed buildings or do we lag behind in educational facilities by voting ‘no’ and continuing to put up portables and go down the road of increasing our class sizes? For me, the decision is easy: We have to support our children and grandchildren in voting ‘yes’ for the local school building bond.

Not only do we have students in our community in portables but we have an outdated system for educating our students by splitting the high school students into two buildings with the current set-up of Central Campus and Magic City Campus. Minot is one of only three schools in the country that does this.

Let’s get it right and build the schools our community needs. We owe it to our future to put Minot Public School children in brick and mortar buildings that will maximize the learning experience.

The Minot Public Schools have done a lot of long-term planning over the past two years and the need for this bond is evident, we must vote ‘yes’ on Dec. 10.