Schools should work together

Bill Treckman, Minot

When is it enough?

Voters in our area will be asked to approve school bond issues in the near future. That alone isn’t the problem. The problem is there are three school districts that want to build new high schools! How many does the Minot area need?

You have the Minot school district that wants to build a second high school to accommodate increasing enrollment. Then you have Nedrose and South Prairie both wanting to build new high schools for the same reasons. Why don’t the three school districts work together to build one facility to meet the needs of the area?

As I see it, if all three build separate facilities the only ones it will hurt are the students themselves. Separate facilities won’t provide the educational opportunities that a larger single facility and the added resources that it could provide would accomplish. I implore the three school boards, swallow your pride and work together on this issue.