Filling in the holes

Kent Kirkhammer and Jarod Seifert saw some gaps in the market for certain products and services for the oil field, so they formed NewKota Services & Rentals in Minot.

Kirkhammer and Seifert, co-owners/operators of NewKota, said they first brought in open top tanks.

The open top tanks separate water, sand and oil when flowing back after frack operations. The tanks are Occupational Safety and Health Administration-certified.

When the company first started they worked with one or two oil companies, and now it’s 30 or more oil and service companies.

Kirkhammer spoke to members of the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce’s Energy Committee at its Oct. 24 meeting in the Vegas Motel in Minot.

Kirkhammer is originally from Saskatoon, Sask. Seifert, is from Lethbridge, Alb. Both live in Minot.

Kirkhammer came to Minot in 2002 to play hockey at Minot State University. He graduated in 2006 with an education degree. He’s also worked in the oil fields in Canada.

Seifert and Kirkhammer met when both were working at Pure Energy, now FMC Technologies, in Minot. The two formed NewKota Services & Rentals in 2011.

The company is located north of Minot at 971-72nd Ave. NE, where they have a 60-foot by 40-foot shop. They are building a 60-foot by 100-foot shop area and 60-foot by 40-foot office area near the existing facility.

After introducing its open top tanks, NewKota brought in oil-field steamers.

Kirkhammer said the steamers are time and cost savings. “In the wintertime they’re mostly on frack sites,” he said. The steamers prevent lines and equipment from freezing up.

“It’s a very common service in Canada,” Kirkhammer said. “Basically any winter operations have a steamer on location. We saw that it wasn’t here yet, and brought it here,” he said. In the summer, the steamers are used to clean rigs and tanks.

The company has drive-over pipe ramps that keep lines protected from damage caused by moving equipment and trucks on locations.

They also have a

screen-out package for bleeding off pressure and flowing back well bores during the fracking process.

The company also rents light towers and generators.

NewKota has about 20 employees, most who work in the field.

Kirkhammer said the company has had zero recordable incidents. He said he’s very proud of their safety record and they always keep safety in the forefront of their minds.

“We want to expand our presence in North Dakota but we also feel there is opportunity to expand in other basins,” Kirkhammer said. He said they recently hired a corporate salesman out of Denver.

“We’re looking beyond North Dakota but with time. There’s growing pains that go along with that,” he said.

Kirkhammer, Seifert and two other men have started another company, ReKota Energy Services. The company has a workover rig and two production testing units.

Seifert, in a later interview, noted their business is located in Minot. He said Minot has been good to them and they want to give back to the community.

Kirkhammer told Energy Committee members that Minot is very receptive to new businesses and businesses coming in. “It’s an exciting time to be in Minot right now,” he said.