Honoring veterans today

It sometimes is suggested the description “hero” is used too freely and often inappropriately. But not today. On Veterans Day, those we honor today are truly heroes.

Heroes are not found only in the pages of history books. They live and work in our home towns. Here in Minot, N.D., we are accustomed to seeing members of the Air Force, National Guard and other armed forces as part of our community. The city of Minot has long had a welcoming relationship with those who serve at Minot Air Force Base, as well as the National Guard units in the area.

Today, we encourage all area residents to take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices put forth by all military members and their families. While the military members are often deployed to locations around the world, their families are tasked with carrying on with their everyday lives, waiting for their loved one to safely return.

Today, there will be ceremonies held around the country honoring veterans, including an event at Minot’s Grand Hotel. It’s a yearly reminder of the important role played by the members of the armed forces, but it’s also a reminder that we must continue to appreciate these brave men and women every day, not just on Veterans Day and Memorial Day. To those who bravely serve the United States, we say thank you.