Remember law’s other problems

In a way, the train wreck that is the Obamacare website has been a godsend to the White House. It has distracted attention away from the national health care law’s many other flaws.

Millions of Americans now know President Barack Obama was lying when he promised that if they like the health insurance they have, they can keep it.

Millions more will be shocked during coming months when they find others lied in claiming more expensive insurance will not be a burden because government subsidies will be available. Only about 17 million people will qualify for the subsidies.

And there are the millions of older people whose Medicare Advantage policies are becoming more costly, because Obamacare raids that program to cover other costs such as expansion of Medicaid.

But like the child caught with his hand in the cookie jar, the Obama administration cannot even tell the truth about the website.

This past week, a group of senators wanted to talk about canceled health insurance policies. Instead, the White House dispatched an official to assure lawmakers problems with the website have been addressed. Actually, the website was completely down for about 90 minutes on day last week.

What was that old adage about knowing someone was lying because his lips were moving?