Quintupular collision

People gather around these two vehicles, which were a part of a multi-vehicle crash Wednesday afternoon along West Burdick Expressway just past an entrance to Minot High School that slowed westbound traffic. The vehicle facing the train is not believed by police to have actually struck the train. According to an investigation by the Minot Police Department, Jean Fredrickson, 61, Minot, rear-ended a vehicle driven by Duane Sinclaire, 78, Minot, causing a chain reaction that involved five vehicles in total. Fredrickson was cited for following too closely. No serious injuries were reported, although one driver was checked at the scene for possible injuries before being cleared. The other three drivers involved were Lynne Rumney, 45; Kathleen Lafleur, 69; and Devin Olson, 18; all from Minot.