Bond issue necessary

Charles G. DeMakis, Minot

The foundation of every community is not the infrastructure, buildings, events or elected officials; it is the citizens and most importantly it is the children of the community as they are the future. Without a strong foundation a building or community will crumble. On Dec. 10 we have the opportunity to support and grow the foundation of this community by voting ‘yes’ for our children and our future.

I was born and raised in this community and was educated in the Minot Public School System and graduated from Minot High School. After receiving my undergraduate and law degree from the University of North Dakota, I chose to return to my home with my wife, also a Minot Public School System product, to raise our family. We had other choices and options but we made the choice to return because of the community and education and values that Minot offers. Being raised and educated in Minot I learned strong values such as integrity, accountability, hard work, pride and philanthropy. These values are learned at home, in school and reinforced by the community.

There have been numerous letters recently arguing that the Dec. 10 bond issue is a burden on the community and its members and is unnecessary. As a parent with children in the Minot Public Schools, I can tell you that this issue is absolutely necessary for the continued growth and support of the foundation of this community. Our children require, at minimum, adequate education facilities and supplies. Portable classrooms and overcrowding are not adequate. We are all aware of the growth in the city and region and the lingering effects of the events a few years ago and the burdens that some in the community have to face. To say that the state will fund our education needs or that oil should pay for it is irresponsible. The Legislature may fund more public education but we cannot depend upon that.

Our children deserve better educational facilities. It is our duty as members of the community to support and grow the future of our foundation and to make sure they have the necessary tools to succeed in life and in turn continue to build the community. Very few people enjoy paying taxes or seeing their tax burden increase. I will happily pay three or four hundred dollars more a year to see that my children, my friends’ children, their classmates and their future children have all the necessary tools to succeed in education and in life. If you value our children, the foundation and future of this community, please vote ‘yes’ on Dec. 10.