Energy independence

Jake Bloms, Minot

The United States should strive for energy independence. Recently, America produced more oil than it imported, the first time since 1995.

The discovery of the Bakken, and fracking technology has made an immense difference in U.S. oil production. While the U.S. still imports a substantial amount of oil, it is starting to take steps in becoming more energy independent. This could make an enormous difference for the United States by cutting down government spending, and limit the U.S. from giving money to countries that despise the U.S. The U.S. Energy Information Administration showed that Venezuela has been in the top five for sales of crude oil to the U.S. for multiple years now. They have also made it known that they do not think favorably of the United States. Do you want to give money to a country that would wish nothing else but the downfall of our country? Becoming energy independent is something all Americans should aim for.

Also, North Dakota has helped the U.S. reach further energy independence through wind farms. According to the Associated Press, North Dakota’s Public Service Commission just approved a $350 million wind farm that will contain 127 windmills and power about 60,000 homes. Wind farms can make a considerable difference in making the U.S. energy independent.

Energy independence can cut down government spending, energy independence can create a plethora of new jobs, and energy independence can help construct a safer and more robust United States of America.