Minot needs price limits

Karter Gorney, Minot

The people of Minot should vote for a price limit on housing. The prices for housing and rent are through the roof in Minot.

According to Jill Schramm, “It affects more than 28 percent of people, and those people pay a third of their income on housing alone.” The only people who can afford to live in these expensive living conditions are the oil workers themselves.

A study shows that 50 percent of households can’t afford a medium two-bedroom unit, most of these people are native to Minot. Just because oil workers get paid a lot of money and can afford to pay this much for housing doesn’t mean the people who have lived here their whole life can afford to pay high prices for housing. If there was a set price for housing in Minot people would be able to focus more on providing for their families from oil families to native Minot families. Landlords and realtors increased prices because of the fact that oil workers would pay for them because they had no where else to live other than their truck in a Walmart parking lot.

There is no reason for high prices for an apartment or a house. Understanding that Minot’s economy has gone up and helped a lot of unfortunate people, the housing prices skyrocketed with it leaving some families with nothing to do to help it go down. This is why the people of Minot should put a pricing limit on housing. From oil workers, to less fortunate families, everyone would be happier if the prices went down and made Minot better than it already is.