Not everyone received help

Kathy Kimball, Ryder

I would like to voice my opinion to the gentleman who had a letter in Nov. 17 letters to the editor.

Our house flooded, the one my first husband and I bought 34 years ago and I got in the divorce with the mortgage and where I raised my kids.

I never sold it because of that and, guess what, when my husband and I went for flood money to help restore it, we got zippo because we rent it out it was considered “a business.” We tried to get money from the concert that they had for flood victims and it was not supposed to segregate who got it. Guess what: We got zippo because it was a rental (just one) and considered “a business.” So we were graced to take on an SBA loan at 4 percent because of our good credit rating. We are renting it out again and trying to make back all the blood, sweat and tears and savings we invested. My husband did all the work himself (happy retirement) and no we are low or middle income people in our 60s.

No, we didn’t apply for the North Dakota loan, because we didn’t want to go through the paperwork again for half the money of what we owe SBA.

So, I don’t know who owned rentals that got free money, probably those who didn’t need it, but it sure as heck wasn’t us because we own a business (one house).

Gotta love the support that we got from the city, county and state. And then they raised our taxes! Where did all that money go? Not where it should have.