Fighting for equality

Trisha N. Manion, Minot

The war between America and Britain started new rights for all.

Now we know that’s a lie. Only the white man got those rights. There are stories of other races and different genders fighting to get the rights promised to them for coming here. There were slaves who normally got dragged away from their family to work for nothing. They lived in one-room wooden box. How would you like to be taken from your home to work day till night then sleep sitting up because there’s no room?

The Natives to America were killed for being different and not giving up their land. What about the women? 1919 suffrage women were tortured for wanting rights they should have. Why do the people who fight for America, who came here to be free not get rights?

The new fight is for equal marriage. I sit here wondering, “How can there be a fight over what shouldn’t be a big deal. They’ve been here forever getting killed, getting put into asylums. Of course they came out broken. Haven’t they been through enough?” There are photos of old same sex couples that I love. One was two men old and smiling one in tears because he finally got to marry the man he’s loved for so long. Religious people argue that “It’s against god or god hates gay ” don’t but dence god is love is he not? Would he make children he don’t love? Plus if god hates them he will deal with it. He didn’t come down, say I hate them they must never marry. Did he? NO! Same sex marriage isn’t the only thing god said is wrong you know. Where are the laws for all of those? Please stop taking rights away their human’s to. Be on the right side.