Bond issue needs change

Andrew Owen, Minot

Minot Public Schools are experiencing overcrowding due to the limited amount of schools and space within, and because of the influx of people due to the massive oil boom. Many residents of Minot are going to vote ‘yes’ for the upcoming granting of $125 million to the Minot Public Schools system to help fix this issue. This would fund the building of a new elementary, middle, and high school.

I support the granting of this money, however, I do not support the money going to building a new high school, for a few reasons. One reason is because the current high schools (Central and Magic City), are doing just fine when it comes to student amount and space for those students. Minot High has an estimated 2,100 students, and there is no talk of overcrowding.

Another reason is, Minot residents can only pay for so much. Minot residents have various taxes placed on them by the city, county, school board, etc. Because of these taxes ever rising, it would be difficult to pay for as a whole.

The final reason is because the amount of students and residents living in Minot currently is very dependent on the oil reserves. This influx was caused by oil being discovered, and it could go away overnight if something happens to the oil (spill, accident, etc).

A member of our community had previously posted this argument, and I support it 110 percent. The Minot Public Schools $125 million bond should be modified to exclude building a new high school. It is simply not needed.

I ask you fellow community members of Minot. Speak up and have your voice heard. The bond is excellent, yet needs modification. Do not vote for ‘yes’ or ‘no’, vote for change and for what is right!