Struggling to pay rent

Garrett Picard, Minot

The cost of rent is getting too high for some people in Williston due to the owners of the properties increasing rent. There should be a restriction on how much landowners can charge for rent.

Having restrictions would keep the rents from getting outrageously high, but it would also keep them from getting too low so the landowners still make money. Some people who have lived in Williston all their life may have to move somewhere else because the cost of living there is becoming too expensive. According to Flint McColgan, “When new owners, who are based in Arizona, acquired the property earlier this year, rents doubled from $350-$750 per month for lot space.” Renters of lots don’t have that extra $400 to pay the increasing rent, the landowners are taking advantage of the renters in Williston because the rent is high everywhere in Williston and the prices are only getting higher.

New landowners are coming in looking to make some quick money, and if the oil goes away the landowners will go away with it. Before, Williston didn’t have any housing available for incoming citizens and workers. Now that they have caught up with the housing shortages the prices for rent and to buy the houses have skyrocketed. McColgan stated, “The rents are increasing for the most vulnerable citizens including the elderly, people living off of disabilities, and people with good but not oil field jobs.”

If there is a restriction put on the cost of rent then there will be less people struggling to pay the rent and that would give those people more money to spend inside the community instead of just spending it on rent.