Opposing new trade treaty

Duane Stahl, Valley City

The U.S. is negotiating a bilateral investment treaty with China and a Trans-Pacific Partnership with 12 countries (Obama indicates he’d welcome adding China.)

TPP is opposed by both liberals and conservatives. Very little deals with trade, the majority with things like regulations. Also, it creates foreign trade courts. Disputes between American citizens and foreign corporations would be litigated in these, not American courts.

Democrat Senators Sherrod Brown and Ron Wyden have criticized the secrecy and lack of transparency in TPP negotiations.

Concerning China. From 2008-10, 80 percent of consumer safety recalls were Chinese products-including 17 million toys. At least 19 Americans died from Chinese-made blood thinner. Deaths of hundreds of pets were traced to China pet foods.

It’s time to tell our senators to oppose these negotiations. Check their websites to email them.