New clinic coming to Minot soon

A new clinic will be coming to Minot soon, giving people another option for medical care.

The Northland Community Health Center, located in Turtle Lake, will soon be opening clinics in Minot and Bowbells. The clinic in Minot, called the same name as the one in Turtle Lake, will be located in Arrowhead Mall.

Patrick Butler, CEO for Northland Community Health Center, said they are planning a February 2014 opening. Construction hasn’t started yet, he added, but things should be squared away with Arrowhead Mall and the contractors by the first week in December.

The new clinic will be open primarily Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but will be open until 6:30 on Mondays. Butler said their two-year goal is to have nine people on staff at the clinic, but to start with, they will need a minimum of four providers.

“We have a provider, we’re in communication with another, and we’re working on filling the other two positions so we’ll be recruiting,” he said.

Butler said the new clinic will offer primary care, preventive care, limited mental health services, some preventive dental services at another location, lab service and x-rays. With the dental services, people will be able to use a voucher system and that works well, he added. Plus, the clinic will offer prescriptions for patients participating in the 40B program, Butler said, which is the program that allows them to get medication at a reduced cost.

“We’ll contract with a pharmacy for that,” he added.

Additionally, Butler said Northland Community Health Clinic will accept all major insurances, Medicare, Medicaid and will also offer a sliding fee scale based on an individual’s income.

The addition of the clinics in Minot and Bowbells became available through the New Access Point Grant, one that’s very competitive, Butler said. The grant was written to open a clinic in Minot and Bowbells, he added.

The dynamic in Minot is changing and there is a growing need in Minot for medical care for individuals who are at or below the poverty level, Butler said. With this new clinic, they will be able to provide that care, he added.

“We have patients coming to the site in Turtle Lake from Minot,” Butler continued. “We hope to reduce that travel time by being available to them in Minot.”

Nadine Boe, Chief Operations Officer at Northland Community Health Clinic, said the clinic in Turtle Lake branches out to communities in need. Often they’ll hold men’s and women’s wellness screening events, offer sports physicals at a reduced rate and bring the mammography truck to areas, she continued. They have also worked with the Ronald McDonald House to provide dental care through their mobile dental unit, Boe said.

“We work to bring those services to communities,” she added.

Butler, Boe and the employees at Northland Community Health Clinic in Turtle Lake are very excited about bringing an additional clinic to Minot and Bowbells.

“We enjoy helping people and are excited to bring that to the Minot community,” Butler said.