Gathering to help others

There are events held throughout the year to raise funds and increase awareness of helping those in need. Some are held to benefit those in need in our own community, while others are designed to reach people outside of the Minot area.

Feed My Starving Children held a volunteer event in Minot this past Saturday, with some 2,000 volunteers gathering to package meals that will be sent to to needy recipients around the world. Some of the food packaged will be delivered to residents of the Phillipines who recently lost their homes and belongings in a devastating typhoon.

The outpouring of volunteer help in Minot was impressive, to say the least. The volunteers worked in shifts from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to meet the organization’s goal of packaging 400,000 meals. It was a significant showing of support for those in other parts of the world. Then again, we’re never surprised when volunteers in the Minot area gather to help others in need, whether it be to bring food to the annual Freezin’ For A Reason or to help the annual Horn of Plenty program assemble baskets of food and toys to be distributed to area families in need.

North Dakota residents, including those in Minot and the surrounding area, have long banded together to take care of those in need. The recent events in Minot have only reinforced our belief that this state is full of good people who are always willing to lend a hand to others.