Holiday spirit

If you like to bake cookies and would like to donate your delicacies to a beneficial cause, the annual Minot Air Force Base Officers Spouses’ Club Airmen Cookie Drive needs you.

The cookies collected are distributed to around 1,200 airmen who live in dormitories at Minot Air Force Base. Many of the airmen will be away from their families during this holiday season.

The drive is done each year as a way for local residents to show their appreciation to the men and women serving this country.

Heather Strafaccia, Airmen Cookie Drive chairwoman, said they are hoping for about 12,000 to 13,000 cookies this year.

“We are happy to receive any amount of cookies from donators,” Strafaccia said. She said some individuals are able to donate a dozen and some are able to provide several dozen any amount will be helpful to the drive.

“Since it is holiday time, we aim for holiday cookies but any type of cookie is very much appreciated,” she said.

“Also, donators do not have to package them in any specific way. We will repackage all cookies on Dec. 13. Typically, donators will send the cookies in boxes or freezer bags whichever is easiest for the baker,” Strafaccia said.

She said they hope to get the cookies distributed on base as soon as possible after packaging is completed. “They will be distributed to the dorms and if we are able to, extra cookies will be distributed around the base,” she said.

“We appreciate all donations from any individual, organization or company. Thank you so much to anyone who is considering donating this year, has donated in the past or plans to donate in the future,” Strafaccia said.

Those who would like to bake cookies for the event can drop them off at the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce office at 1020-20th Ave. SW. The deadline for the cookies to be dropped off is by noon on Dec. 13. The cookies will be taken to the base where they will be packaged and distributed to airmen. For more information, call the Chamber at 852-6000.