Vote ‘yes’ on Dec. 10

McKenna Brown, Minot

Why should we vote ‘yes’ to the bond issue? Minot is growing and this high school is going to be overflowing with teenagers. If we say yes to the bond issue then all these children and teenagers would have more space, and not as big of a class. If we get a new high school, it would bring new and more people into Minot. Minot is big enough for two high schools. This would be good for Minot, and good for sports for Minot High School also.

Why should we vote ‘yes’ to the bond issue? Well, in 2011, Minot had a big flood. The flood hit an elementary school, Longfellow Elementary School. The children were being educated in small portables. There are lots of children in the school, and they are all being taught with a crammed classroom in portables. They have to walk outside to get to the bathroom. Even when it is cold and stormy, they would have to go outside to use the restroom. We need more room for children and teenagers. Minot has grown so much in the past few years. Imagine it still growing in a few more years. Where are we going to teach these kids? Will there be enough room?

Vote ‘yes’ to the bond issue on Dec. 10.