Know all the facts first

Ashlee Swartwout, Minot

On Dec. 10, a huge decision for Minot will be made. This is the day when citizens will vote on the bond issue. I myself cannot vote, but if I could, I would most certainly vote yes to this issue.

The bond issue is something that the people of Minot need to seriously consider. The future education of the children all depends on this vote. Minot Public schools have been severely crowded, which has caused many schools resort to the use of portables. These portables are already crowded, and there are close to 475 students using portables instead of a classroom inside of the school. The portables do not even have plumbing, which means that the students and teachers have to go outside and walk to the building to use the bathroom. They also have to travel to have lunch, go to assemblies, or go to other classes that may have a classroom in the building. This proves worse in the winter when there is snow. Do you really want the children of Minot to have to do this?

We are projected to have another 1,000 students in the school system over the next five years. If we are supposed to have this many students in the district, then the people of Minot should vote yes. We are doing this to help our students strive in a great learning environment.

To sum it up, I believe that everyone who is voting on the bond issue needs to read all the facts. They also need to consider how this can help our students and help our community. So please consider everything before you vote on Dec. 10th.