Taxes are too high already

John Newcomb, Minot

Do we need to raise our already high taxes to build additional schools when the state has $2 billion?

It is predicted in the near future that there will not be enough room for the incoming students with the current amount of space in the schools. Did you know that the oil boom could end overnight? Oil prices could drop or new laws could stop drilling and fracking instantly. Many people would lose their jobs. That would cause many people to leave. Meaning that there would be no need for new schools because everybody would leave.

Then the taxpayers could be stuck with higher taxes that we don’t need because there wouldn’t be any need for new schools. This bond is like an investment for the schools and investments could go bad. According to the newspaper article and the bond, taxes on a $200,000 house would go up $456 per year. Many adults who pay taxes on houses and property already know they pay very high taxes because the property values have increased. There is some people out there that can’t afford to pay higher taxes. Everyone already pays high taxes for property, sales, state and federal income tax, gas tax, social security just to name a few. I don’t have a problem with taxes.

We just need put them towards things like schools and roads. The state of North Dakota has two billion dollars. There is no good excuse why that money can’t be put toward the schools. There is no reason why we need our high taxes raised higher when we have enough money. How will you vote on the bond issue?