Positives, negatives

Melora Haagenson, Minot

The oil business in western North Dakota has brought positive changes, such as an abundance of jobs, but along with those positives are plenty of negatives. First, in Williston, there was a housing shortage. Now, there are enough houses to go around, but most citizens don’t have the money to afford them. Rent and property prices in Williston are too high and should be lowered.

The rent in Williston has more than doubled, going from $350 to $750. Because the rent is getting so high, people have started to move away.

After the 2011 Mouse River Flood in Minot, some citizens of Williston purchased FEMA trailers to live in because of the housing shortage. FEMA trailers are quite small and were purchased for around $1000. Now, the 250 square foot trailer is appraised for $30,000.

Imagine being born and raised around the corner from your local grade school. On those warm spring and fall days, you were able to walk the short distance to class. After your schooling was finished and you had graduated from college, you were able to find a decent paying job. Soon, you bought a house for a reasonable price and continued to work at your job. Then, the job doesn’t pay enough anymore. You soon find yourself struggling to pay all of the bills. Eventually, you are forced to move away from the town you were born and raised in, just so that you can afford to live.

Residents are soon signing a petition to have rent lowered in their town. I think that all the residents of Williston should sign this petition to alert the townspeople that this is unacceptable. If the people do not take action soon, they will be forced to move away from their town.