Everyone is equal

Leah Helgeson, Minot

Not everyone looks or acts the same. So it is very important that we stop racism, because racism could hurt a human emotionally and it would lead to dangerous actions; everyone should be treated equally.

“Residents of Leith should feel at ease.”- Grant County Sheriff. The people that live in the town Leith should always feel safe to walk the streets no matter of what skin tone they are. They shouldn’t have to act scared or worried to be outside their homes or even inside. “Two men have said they moved to Leith to take over the town’s government. They posted new racial slurs and flew swastika flags.” Racial behavior should not be tolerated because it is wrong to judge someone by what they look like and it could put others in danger.

Judging someone by their skin tone is wrong. If everyone had the same religion, culture, or point of view the world would be very boring and would not have any diversity. Therefore, everyone should be treated and looked at the same.