Climate science settled?

Contrary to what President Barack Obama claims, the science on climate change is far from settled. That conclusion can be drawn from a new scientific report.

Obama insists Americans need to do more to limit climate change resulting from emissions of carbon dioxide. To do that, the president is willing to force tens of millions of us to pay much higher electricity bills.

But methane is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in influencing global warming. There has been little attention focused on it because of a belief the volume of methane emissions is substantially below that of carbon dioxide.

A credible new scientific report estimates the U.S. releases about 50 percent more methane than had been thought, however. Methane may be much more significant in climate change than the Obama strategy takes into account.

Three states – Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas – account for nearly one-fourth of U.S. methane emissions, the report notes. It adds the natural gas industry and livestock are important sources of methane.

Yes, livestock. You may remember radical environmentalists making fun of conservatives who speculated cow flatulence was a source of air pollution. They were right.

Obviously, the new study should prompt the Obama administration to rethink its policies. If not, Congress should insist real science be taken into account.