Can’t support 2 high schools

Katie Eckmann, Minot

A vote will be held on Dec. 10 this year to approve a $125 million bond issue for new school construction. The new school construction would involve building a separate 9-12 high school. Central Campus would become another middle school and Magic City Campus would have grades 9-12. Creating two different high schools for Minot public schools would cause harm in the city of Minot.

Minot High School is the biggest high school in North Dakota with close to 2,000 students enrolled, according to The Minot Daily News. Even though it is separated into two different buildings, Minot High is still one high school. Many think that having that many kids at one high school is ridiculous; I believe that we could use it to our advantage. For example, it can be better for athletics. Who likes to lose? Numerous empty or close to empty championship boards are up in the Minot High gym when they should be filled with championships. With the amount of students Minot High has, we should have great athletes and teams. If Minot High uses its number of students to its advantage, the empty boards could start to fill up. Two high schools for Minot public schools would cause teams to split up. Many sports struggle to get enough people to play as it is. High school sports in Minot would plummet; not many championships would be won after the split. Also, rivalry between the two schools would rise, splitting friendships and the town of Minot.

Creating another high school for in Minot would result in loss, although having kids come together at Magic City campus would benefit Minot High. Some believe that creating two different high schools for Minot public schools would benefit Minot, but I believe it would do more harm than good.