Supporting a ‘no’ vote

Vicki Martinson, Minot

On Dec. 10 the citizens of Minot are being asked to vote on a major school funding issue. I wonder if people realize the long-term impact this will have on homeowners and renters.

Property owners are experiencing high taxes and they will be higher. Renters will see the effect in rent increases passed on by the landlord. Right now property taxes are not being collected on some commercial and even residential property. There are various programs in place which allow these exemptions. Perhaps it is time to take another look at this practice.

The picture being painted to promote the funding is one of terrible classroom conditions. Surely you have heard of the horrendous conditions in some schools across the United States. We don’t know true hardship. Our portables are really quite suitable for the children. They are not being forced out into the cold throughout the day. We have used portables for about 25 years. The students did receive an education.

Many years ago, the then superintendent and school board decided that ninth-graders should not be in the same school building as the older kids. So, we had seventh, eighth and ninth in middle school. Some years later a new change: seventh and eighth in middle school; ninth and 10th downtown and 11th and 12th to Magic City Campus. Placement was based on the maturity levels of the students and the best mix. Now Mark Vollmer and others want high schools for 9-12.

Should we vote yes on this ambitious $125 million vision without more detail and more research on what is the best mix? Quite a long-term financial commitment for the homeowner. We do owe children an education; we don’t owe them recreation, entertainment or sports facilities. I encourage you to vote and vote ‘no.’