Minot schools need change

Adrianna Moum, Minot

I believe everyone should vote ‘yes’ on Dec. 10 for the $125 million school bond issue. This bond referendum will not only benefit our school district, but it would also help our community.

In the school district, about 475 students are in portables right now which is equivalent to filling an entire elementary school. Who would like to teach or attend school in one of those small portables without plumbing? The portables take away from the classroom aspect of school, and a significant amount of instructional time is lost because the students have to walk to the main building for everything that goes on inside; this could pose a safety issue because the students are not supervised when going into the building.

The schools in the Minot Public School District are also becoming overcrowded and are expected to keep growing in coming years. According to the Minot Public School Board an estimated 1,000 students are expected to enroll in Minot Public Schools in the coming years, and all buildings will be over capacity. Evidence of this rapid growth can be seen when we compare the graduating class of 2013 with 425 students to the current kindergarten class which has over 720 students.

The proposed plan would add a new elementary school, a new high school, and renovations to many schools. With a new high school, students 9-12 would attend the same school instead of having one building with grades 9-10 and another with grades 11-12. In addition to the new schools, the renovations added to schools would help improve safety and security throughout the school district.

The bond issue is crucial to everyone in the school district, but also to those in the community. One of the most important components of a city’s infrastructure is the school system. When Dec. 10 comes, everyone should vote ‘yes’ on the school bond issue.