Bond not right for Minot now

Ben Tollefson, Minot

Soon residents of the Minot school district will be voting on a $125 million school bond issue.

To many the need is too vague and open-ended. This “open checkbook approach” can mean spending money without specific details or justification (i.e., another high school for Minot.) If Nedrose and South Prairie school districts would build high schools, how would that affect Minot’s needs?

Since this bond issue, if passed, would erase the property tax as provided by the Legislature, can a middle-class home-owner afford $450 in increased property taxes? I don’t think so.

Homeowners with children enrolled in a parochial school (Bishop Ryan or Our Redeemer’s) receive no tax reductions yet save the school districts the cost of educating their child. It doesn’t seem quite fair. Their tax bill would increase, too.

No. A $125 million school bond issue is not right for Minot at this time.

We’ll vote “no” on Dec. 10.