Schools are over-crowded

Brooke Suko, Minot

Imagine getting up every morning knowing you have to go back to the same stuffy, uncomfortable, and crowded “classroom.” Schools are over-crowded due to new students coming to town. Incoming students should be able to experience elementary school just like past students. Even though taxes are going up, remember, it’s for a beneficial and progressive movement in the Minot community.

With the way Minot is growing, there’s an estimate about 1,000 new students coming to Minot within the next five years. In the school year of 2013-14, there are about 475 students that have to learn in a portable. According to statistics, Washington Elementary is 54 percent over their enrollment capacity with nine portable classrooms.

The public schools in Minot are reaching their maximum capacity. If something isn’t done soon, kids will continue sitting in portables without running water. According to Supt. Mark Vollmer, “Today, there are over 7,400 student enrolled in our public schools. We anticipate all district schools will be above capacity within the next five years.”

Due to the 2011 Souris River flood, taxes are already high, but our rapidly growing community needs more public schools.

With the help of Minot’s community, I think we can pass the bond. Sit down and think of how your elementary school days were. Were you happy with your school environment? Did you have to walk into the main building from outside to use the bathroom? Instead of thinking of ourselves, we should assist in the education for the future generation of Minot.