Schools need changes now

Miles Anderson, Minot

One of the things that hasn’t been mentioned in regards to the school bond issue is that if Minot wants to attract company headquarters to Minot, they must show that they are progressive. If a company is looking to locate in N.D. they will not want to send their children to a school system that is unwilling to keep up with the growth of the city. These are the companies with higher paying salaries that have extra money to spend on things other than necessities. I think they would look at all the portable classrooms as a big negative.

Will Minot do what it did with the courthouse? The county spends over $360,000 a year for rental properties that could have gone toward paying for the construction of a new courthouse. I seriously doubt that construction materials will get cheaper. The portable classrooms are costing the school system extra money and it doesn’t have anything to show for it. That is money that could go toward the new construction and remodeling. Sometimes you have to spend money to save money years from now.

It is also too bad that our city council doesn’t show more support for our school system. They asked us to continue a sales tax to help pay for Minot infrastructure. Instead they give money to a private school and a state-funded university. I don’t see how that money helps the city taxpayer. If they would show that support to the Minot school system it would at least benefit the taxpayers.

If we are going to wait for the state to pay for construction and remodeling of our schools we will be waiting a long time. All we have to do is look at the past legislative sessions to answer that.