Can districts work together?

Christopher Welch, Minot

Minot has been growing for the last couple of years and this has caused in dramatic increase of students in our schools. The Minot public school district has plans to expand if the $125 million bond is passed, but they are not the only schools looking to grow. Two other schools outside of Minot, South Prairie and Nedrose, want to build new high schools. Do we need to build three new schools in the Minot area or can we find a more efficient way to grow?

In the past South Prairie and Nedrose have sent their students to Minot after they have finished school at their facilities, but now that may not be possible.

If all three school districts could combine their fund we could build a much better and effective school system. The only problem with this is that the school districts cannot share funds unless Minot public schools annexes the other districts. Although this is not a bad thing people in those districts will feel as if they lose control over their existing schools. If there is a way to share funds without Minot public schools annexing the other districts, it could greatly improve the new school system.

Whether this idea is used or not Minot will need to expand its schools. If we do not find a way to work together the new schools will not offer as much to students than a school that was built together.