Who’s paying for advertising?

Kevin Nelson, Minot

I find the advertising for the upcoming election on the school bond issue to be very interesting. We are being bombarded with “Vote YES” in the paper and in TV ads. I wonder who is paying for these ads?

Could it be that the school board is using our tax dollars to advertise the outcome that they desire? If so, were equal funds authorized to be used by any organization that preferred the “Vote NO” alternative? I am guessing not. Sounds like stacking the deck to me.

A ‘yes’ vote would appear to give the school board a $125 million account to draw on for construction, but only that amount needed would be spent. Does anyone really believe a government body would not spend all the money allotted, probably plus 10 percent?

What specifically will be built and how much will each portion cost? Right now, I don’t think anyone really knows. I am reminded of an old saying, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” What alternatives are available for less money? What is plan if the bond issues fails?

I am very much in favor of quality education for our children, but the ads I have seen appear to try to play on the emotions of the electorate by depicting the learning conditions as being abysmal across the board, a state that I doubt exists. Many of the home owners in Minot are retired and on fixed incomes and cannot afford a tax hike along with the high local inflationary conditions.

I am planning to vote ‘no’ on this measure and would encourage others to do so as well, at least until all the facts and more definitive proposals are available.