The week that was

DELIVERY BY DRONES? – Amazon boss Jeff Bezos announced this past week that his company has big plans when it comes to delivering products to consumers. Bezos said Amazon is working on a system of making deliveries by drones, something the company calls “Prime Air.”?Bezos said the plan still has more safety testing to do and would need FAA approval, but he believes the system could be operational in four five years. It all sounds so easy:?A drone resembling a tarantula would pick up packages at Amazon’s centers and fly the merchandise to customers 30 minutes after they bought something online. But there are obviously a great many issues to consider. Would the FAA?ever approve such a system? What about privacy issues? What happens if a drone drops a package on someone’s roof or literally on someone? What if a drone crashes into your home? Is there room in the skies for all sorts of delivery drones, bringing pizza, Amazon packages and other products to our doors? We understand the appeal for businesses of such a program, but we’re wary very wary.

WELCOME TO NORTH DAKOTA For those of you who may be new to the state, the past week’s frigid weather is providing a rude welcome to North Dakota. It’s not surprising, of course, to those born and raised in the state. Sub-zero temperatures and howling winds are the norm during winter months. You learn quickly to dress in layers and eliminate the need to go outside as much as possible. Wind chills of 40 below zero are no joke, and must be taken seriously. Skin can and will freeze quickly if you’re outside without proper protection. If your vehicle doesn’t have an engine block heater, get one put in. The good news? The weather isn’t always this cold, and winter should be over in three or four months. Until then, stay warm.