Westhope voters affirm measures

Voters in Westhope said “yes” in a vote held Monday on a pair of measures, one to approve a $4.3 million bond issue and another to raise the district’s debt limit from 5 to 10 percent. The unofficial results indicate that 229 votes were cast, with the bond measure passing with 69 percent in favor; the debt measure passed by 66 percent.

The bond money had been slated for school renovation projects, repurposing and expanding spaces for greater efficiency, adding a new classroom as well as consolidating the primary and secondary school libraries with the Westhope public library. $185,000 in funding should aid construction of the new classroom, with a grant from the Arthur and Edith Pearson Foundation.

Like other communities in the area that have held or will hold votes on bond issues of their own, Westhope has seen a rise in its enrollment as new residents settle in. The proposed improvements are intended to help the school district accomodate that growth.