Time to scrap Obamacare

Christopher James Stock, Minot

Obamacare. This is something that needs to be completely scrapped and forgotten by the American people. If people just looked into it, they would see that it is basically going to destroy America, the country it was made for.

Obamacare only really helps people without health insurance, and it really is a burden on the working class that DOES have insurance. The White House wants everyone to sign up for this health program, but they are off to a terrible start. Only a grand total of 26,794 have signed up according to The Minot Daily News. It’s costing our local Trinity Hospital money too, because they still have to take care of the people who get injured, and if they don’t have health insurance who pays for it? The hospital has to take care of the bills until the people pay back, which could be never.

The huge downfall of this care is that Obama promised that people could keep their health insurance. He was wrong. About 3.5 million people have already lost their health insurance, and Obama can’t get it back to them. What are these people going to do? This is just causing some unnecessary problems that shouldn’t have occurred. Now, Obama is even apologizing because he went against his word.

There is also something that costs us taxpayers a substantial amount of money. The website. To build the website alone cost a grand total of $1 billion. That is also not counting the cost toward changing it to try, yet fail at making it better.

To help get rid of this law there is one simple thing the people can do. They can contact their local Representatives and Senators to bring this up at the White House. If everyone does it, it can be fixed.