Lack of voters concerning

Brandan Ressler, Minot

When looking at the recent vote on the school bond I came to realize something. With approximately 9,000 people voting and looking at the 2010 census, only 25 percent of Minot gave a darn about our city and students’ education. Now, we know that we are nowhere near the 40,000; maybe closer to 60,000 which makes this number even worse.

Now let’s look at the approximate 25 percent, we have less than 13 percent of Minot that voted to improve education! This number is startling.

So here is my gripe, we have way more people in Minot who should have voted! I am not saying that the bond would have passed, even though I voted yes, but I am very mad at the citizens of Minot because they just don’t care.

Now that the bond failed, my children have the potential for rezoning every year. Do you remember your friends as child? I surely do and I am now 30 years old. With rezoning every year; some of the potential childhood friends that are for a lifetime will not happen. Look at a child who gets moved from school to school a lot, they wind up spending more time making friends then they do studying.

Additionally, building more schools for Minot would have increased Minot’s appearance to companies that are looking to expand. I know that we already have a large number of people in town and limited housing, although that’s getting better, but we need to be attractive.

Lastly, now that the bond failed, I have a question to pose to Minot. We property owners pay a large amount of taxes and we feel as a whole that there is very little return on investment. So where does our money go? Maybe we citizens need to hire a private auditor to determine if the city itself is corrupt or if we just need some help.