Nedrose sets school bond issue election date

Nedrose has set Feb. 20 as the date for its $18 million bond issue election to pay for construction of a new middle school and high school.

Superintendent Charles Miller said, if passed, the school district’s mill levy would increase by 10 mills and would cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $50 per year.

The school would include a middle school and a high school wing and would be constructed on land the district has purchased about a mile from the current K-8 school, located at 6900 Highway 2 East in Minot.

Earlier this month, South Prairie, a K-8 school located 10 miles south of Minot, passed a bond issue to pay for construction of a new high school. Minot voters defeated a proposed $125 million bond election on Dec. 10.

Nedrose currently pays tuition to send most of its high school students to Minot High, while a handful of Nedrose students attend Surrey High School. Nedrose currently sends 108 students to Minot High, while Surrey superintendent David Gerding said there are an additional 33 students at Surrey.

Nedrose would have one of the larger high schools in the area if the bond issue were to pass, said Miller.

“I’m optimistic,” said Miller, who thinks voters in Nedrose are of a like mind to those in South Prairie. He doesn’t think the failed bond election in Minot will have any impact on whether Nedrose voters pass a bond election.

School bond issues require 60 percent or greater approval to pass.