Officials just don’t get it

They still don’t get it.

A White House task force on?Wednesday released a report detailing recommended changes to the National Security Agency’s ongoing collection of telephone records of Americans.

Among the recommendations is that the records collected by the NSA be stored by telephone companies or other third party, rather than by the NSA. The report also calls for increases in the amount of data that can be collected and how long it can be kept, along with recommendations on new limits to how analysts are allowed to use the records.

Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable.

The point behind the uproar over the NSA?program is that the agency shouldn’t have the information in the first place. Who stores the data shouldn’t matter, because the NSA shouldn’t be collected it at all.

Despite supposed concern from President Barack Obama and other high-ranking officials about the privacy of everyday Americans, it’s clear everyone involved in the program, which earlier this week was deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge, still simply don’t get it. It’s like deciding where to hide the money after you rob a bank.

It’s truly disheartening, yet not surprising, to read constant reminders that too many government officials have simply lost touch with the reality of everyday life.