‘Our’ town is changing

Rhonda Francis, Minot

Beware of what is happening in “our” town. About one third of the incidents and crimes that are taking place aren’t even reported. The other third are reported but aren’t released to The News or paper for our own citizen awareness. So where are the rest of us at in the other third of this sad picture? It’s us looking out for our own safety!

We have to watch our own backs now and look out after ourselves since no one else is keeping us safe; the safe that we used to have 5-10 years ago. The worst has yet to come! The violence and corruption is just getting started and this is not the end of it. We will see more and more of it.

Do we have the extra money to help our county and state police force? Especially to train them in the areas that they have never been tested before and to get them the equipment to handle all the extra incoming traffic. I’m talking about the murders, rapes, shootings, vandalism, human trafficking, on a whole different level of what they and our citizens aren’t used to. Our “little” town is no longer “our” little town. It has quickly become a huge spot on the map to striking oil-rich ground. Why do we have to pay for their crimes and the clean up on our streets by our tax dollars? We didn’t start all this craziness and the corruption to begin with.

I would like to propose a vote for the people who come from out of state to work here; it would require them to start paying our city and state-mandated taxes if they are not registered citizens. It makes sense; they are the ones causing all the unwanted traffic and additional wear and tear on our streets, roads and highways. They’re the ones causing most of the violence that some of us have never seen before in our lives.

The last third of the crimes I talked about are the ones reported but the citizens need to be their own lookout and watch their own backs, like the good part of all North Dakotans.

I believe if we somehow voted for a separate non-residential tax, and it passed, this would lead to a solution to clean up the streets, provide additional funding for the police officers and enough money to make new roads and repair the ones that are already there. This would be a way to tax out-of-state workers who come to North Dakota to work. This tax would be separate from the regular city tax. North Dakota residents would be the only ones that could vote for this and they wouldn’t have to pay for the tax because they “are” residents. It could help train our county sheriffs and city police departments on ways to bring down these criminals and what they’re doing to corrupt our towns and by hurting the good citizens of North Dakota. I honestly and truly believe that if we sit and wait any longer it will be too late and there will not be any way to come back from all this corruption and violence. Otherwise when all the crude oil is tapped out of our state, al the original Minotians will be gone. The community has survived and thrived through two huge floods almost a half a century apart.

Let’s decide to make a stand here and now. Let’s make this a huge priority for the great state of North Dakota and all the cities and towns like MInot that are affected by the overwhelming population increase into this state caused by the oil boom. Please, I beg you, to read and re-read this letter and to petition it to go to the State Congress for a new way to live and a better way to keep our cities, towns and state a safe place to life, like it was before.

Let’s bring back the North Dakota that we have known to love and live through the most beautiful humid and rainy springs, hot stormy summer days, crisp fall days and the most harshest of winter blizzards. Let us vote to keep North Dakota safe for us, our children and their children. God bless all of us.