Statements mailed after levy fixes

Property-tax statements for about 38,000 land parcels in Ward County were mailed Monday, the county auditor’s office reported.

Some changes were made to mill levy calculations in the days before the statements were finalized for mailing.

Changes reduced the levy for property owners in the Nedrose School District from previously reported numbers. The school levy per $100,000 of home value for a landowner in the district is about $280.

This is a 42 percent reduction from last year, although many homeowners will pay based on higher assessed values for their homes. The average increase in assessed value in Minot is 13 percent.

The consolidated tax for a Minot city resident in the Nedrose district comes to $942 per $100,000 of home value. That is down about $385 per $100,000 of home value from last year, which is a 29 percent decline.

The consolidated tax per $100,000 in home value for a Minot city resident is $1,073 in the South Prairie School District and $986 in the Minot School District.

However, some new Minot residents, living in subdivisions annexed into the city this past year, will be assessed about $46 more per $100,000 in home value for the Minot Rural Fire District.

Under North Dakota law, property owners can petition to the county to withdraw from one fire district to join another, which typically happens with annexation into a city with its own department. Even so, property owners remain liable for their portion of the debt obligations of their original fire district. So while annexed Minot residents pay city taxes, they also must pay off their share of Minot Rural Fire District’s debt.

Minot Fire Chief CJ Craven said city firefighters will be the ones to respond if a fire occurs within those annexed subdivisions.

“If they are in the city we are going to provide them with fire protection,” Craven said. “They are paying city taxes. They are paying for fire protection, and we will provide it.”

In the past as scattered annexations have occurred, Minot Rural hasn’t pursued its claims against land petitioned out of its territory. But the amount of property annexed this past year has been sizable, and the district has requested its levy be assessed, said Ward County Auditor Devra Smestad.

Rural fire chief Rex Weltikol said the amount of lost tax base would financially impact the rural district, although the extent is unknown at this time.