Make everyone feel welcome

Terry Madden, Minot

I am now a resident of Minot coming here with my family four years ago from California as a longtime oil industry worker. We love North Dakota, the people and conservative values here which is why we have made this our permanent home.

My grandparents moved away from the Dakotas during World War II for the same reason many are coming here today, opportunity and the chance to live the American dream. It is the American way for people to move to where this opportunity avails itself.

I understand times have been difficult for some longtime residents here and our infrastructure is straining under the load. This should never cause us as North Dakotans to cast blame or throw stones at good people. We need to find solutions together, not drive our new friends and neighbors away from us. It is hard enough to come to a new place with the special challenges living here brings. All of us can do without any more of this negativity and finger pointing please!

As we celebrate this Christmas season I am reminded of the words Christ told us “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Let’s just do that.

Merry Christmas